Trinity Sunday- A - June 4, 2023

Trust Jesus

The Trinity, three persons in one God, was revealed to those who placed their faith in Jesus. As disciples, our faith leads us to accept the doctrine of the Trinity; our trust in the Lord leads us to live in the presence of the Father, Son, and Spirit.

Sunday Studies

FIRST READING In the reading from Exodus, Moses experienced the power of God on Mt. Sinai. And he experienced the direction of that power. YHWH would show mercy and kindness, so the wandering Israelites would become a nation.

PSALM The reading for the psalm actually comes from the portion of Daniel that is found in the Greek translation of the Old Testament known as the Septuagint. These verses marked the beginning of a brilliant prayer of praise, sung by young men under persecution. Strangely, praise can be a response to pressure in life.

SECOND READING St. Paul's second letter to the Corinthians ended with a brief farewell, but that verse spoke to the heart of the Christian experience: life in the Trinity.

GOSPEL A life in Christ is a life in the Trinity. But, is a life in Christ worth the cost? In John 3:16-18, we have an answer. YES!!!

Other Resources

DAILY READINGS for the Eighth Week in Ordinary Time.



CHILDREN'S READINGS In the story for the Gospel, Buddy took a chance to trust others. Those people became friends. If we trust God, he, too, will be our friend.

CATECHISM LINK In the Catechism Link, we discuss the Trinity, three persons in one God.

FAMILY ACTIVITY Create a “Trust Jesus” box. Have your family members write down and place their prayers in the box.