Tenth Sunday in Ordinary Time - C - June 5, 2016

A Change

All of us, no matter our ages, experience moments when sadness becomes joy-filled. It can be the point of great triumph over thin odds or a simple change of heart. The rush of winning a tight game or the decision of turning a page in daily life. These rare times can be as great as beating a deadly disease. Imagine, then, the joy, no, the shock of seeing a loved one return from the dead. That is a life change, indeed.

Sunday Studies:

FIRST READING 1 Kings 17 told the story of Elijah and the poor widow who lost her son. The prophet prayed to God who restored the life of that off-spring.

PSALM Psalm 30 was a thanksgiving prayer for healing from serious illness. The once near-dead psalmist praised God for renewed life.

SECOND READING In in letter to the Galileans, St. Paul defended his ministry, insisting his commission came straight from Jesus. His encounter not only changed his life, but the many he would meet.

GOSPEL In Luke 7, Jesus raised the only son of a widow along the way of his funeral procession. That act of compassion gave rise to praise and furthered the reputation of the Lord.

Other Resources:

DAILY READINGS for the Ninth Week in Ordinary Time.

CHILDREN'S READINGS In the story for the first reading, Jamie waited for news about the family dog. She expected the worst from the veterinarian, but received the best, just like the poor widow received from Elijah. In the story for the gospel, Simon grieved for the loss of his best friend, Judah, the only son of a widow in the town. Then, Simon encountered Jesus on the way to bury his friend. The Lord changed Simon's sorrow into joy.

CATECHISM LINK In this week's Catechism Link, we discuss the subject of the Resurrection.

FAMILY ACTIVITY Have discussion about sadness and joy. How have stress-filled of sorrow-filled experiences become happy ones?