Second Sunday in Easter - April 27, 2014

Peace Be With You

This Week's Blog:

We all desire peace. Peace in the world. Peace in our hearts. Peace on earth and in personal life is elusive, but God’s peace is everlasting. It sustains us even in crisis, for it is the presence of Christ in our lives.


WEEKLY BLOG LINK Does artistic license justify a change in a Bible story?

MP3 PODCAST In this week’s audio podcast, we consider the question of trust. Do we really trust God and his message? Do we really believe that we will live beyond death and live with God forever?

FIRST READING Acts 2 invited others into the community through miraculous signs a sense of unity within the assembly.

PSALM Psalm 118 praised God for his activity in the life of the nation. He saved his people from defeat and destruction. He deserved glory for his guidance.

SECOND READING 1 Peter pointed out the benefits and costs of being a Christian.  One cost became a benefit, however.  A tested faith is a proven faith.

GOSPEL In John’s gospel, Jesus appeared to his followers on Easter night with a revelation and a mission. He was risen, so his followers were to carry that message to others. They could carry that message because they had the power of the Spirit with them.

CHILDREN’S READINGS In the story for the first reading, James shared a field trip experience with his class mates. They became united in their excitement and their stories of the field trip. In a small way, this was like the excitement and purpose the early Christians felt united in faith. In the story for the gospel, Taya enjoyed the perfect morning, despite her brother’s grumpiness. She felt at peace and full of energy, just like the followers of Jesus must have felt when Jesus first appeared to them.

CATECHISM LINK In this week’s Catechism Link, we consider the gifts and fruits of the Spirit, those of the same Spirit Jesus breathed on his followers the first Easter Sunday night.

FAMILY ACTIVITY Have a family discussion about fear and overcoming that emotion. Read the gospel from John to reinforce the point that God will take care of us and give us peace.