Third Sunday in Ordinary Time - A - January 22, 2017

A Light

Jesus came to enlighten a world torn by sin and despair. His message and call to discipleship is just as timely today as they were two thousand years ago in Galilee.

Sunday Studies:

FIRST READING Isaiah prophesied liberty in conquered lands, despite the sin of the people.

PSALM Psalm 27 spoke of the two poles we experience with God, intimacy and longing.

SECOND READING St. Paul quickly addressed the matter at the heart of his letter to the Corinthians: their internal divisions. Paul urged them to set aside ego and unite under the sign of the faith, the cross of Christ.

GOSPEL In Matthew's Gospel, Jesus fulfilled Scripture with his preaching in the Galilee, and in his call for others to follow him.

Other Resources:

DAILY READINGS for the Second Week in Ordinary Time.

CHILDREN'S READINGS In the story for the first reading, Joey liked different sports for their challenges, but always liked to play on a team that possessed teamwork. St. Paul stressed teamwork in the church at Corinth. In the story for the gospel, Alison organized school mates for a class project, just like Jesus organized his ministry.

CATECHISM LINK In this week's Catechism Link, we discuss the Sacraments of Service to the Community: Matrimony and Holy Orders.

FAMILY ACTIVITY Jesus called for the people to turn their lives back to God, the same message you can find in the “Turn Around” game.