33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time - B - November 18, 2018

Jesus is Coming

Traditionally, the topic of the Second Coming is faced with a tinge of dread. Am I ready to see my Savior? Some dismiss such anxiety as “paranoia” and live their lives as if Christ postponed his coming forever. How do we face the end of the world, with anxiety or apathy? Do we think of Christ’s coming at all?

Sunday Studies:

FIRST READING  Daniel 12 presented the final days as a time of judgment, a time of punishment and reward.

PSALM  Any time can be a time of decision. We might look to the Final Judgment, but the present moment might tear us between the way of faith and the easy way to evil. Psalm 16 pointed out the right way to life and the results of wickedness.

SECOND READING  Hebrews 10 portrayed the heavenly temple as a heavenly court. In the end, God would rule over all peoples, with his Son at his right side. The sacrifice of the Son would forgive sin forever, but sinners would be defeated.

GOSPEL  In Mark 13, Jesus evoked the image of Daniel 7 for the end time. Tension on a cosmic scale would give way to the coming of the Son of Man. While disciples might look forward to the end time with anticipation, ultimate knowledge of the Second Coming belongs to the Father.

Other Resources:

DAILY READINGS Readings for the 32nd Week in Ordinary Time.

CHILDREN’S READINGS  In the story for the first reading, James lost his grandmother. He finally felt peace after the funeral, when he realized his grandmother was with Jesus. In the end, he will be with his grandmother, along with all those who he loved. In the story for the gospel, young George feared for the end of the world. His mother reassured him that, with Jesus, he had nothing to fear.

CATECHISM LINK  In this week’s Catechism Link, we consider the afterlife and the end times.

FAMILY ACTIVITY  To balance anxiety and complacence over the end of the world, speak to your family about anticipation for the coming of Christ with some humor. Develop a “Jesus Is Coming. Look Busy” poster as a focus for discussion.