First Sunday in Advent - B – November 30, 2014

Wait for the Lord

This Week's Blog:

Advent is the liturgical season for waiting. The readings urge us to wait, to anticipate for the coming of the Lord in glory and the arrival of the Christ Child at Christmas.


THANKSGIVING (USA)  November 27, 2014

WEEKLY BLOG LINK  What was the scariest period in your life?

NEW!!! VIDEOCAST!!!  In this videocast series connecting the Catechism of the Catholic Church with the weekly gospel reading, we investigate Jesus' command for watchfulness and the season of Advent.   (Please note: the link for this videocast is to my YouTube page.)

MP3 PODCAST In this week’s audio podcast, the season of Advent presents us with a challenge. Be on watch. Despite the fact we cannot come close to God on our own, he comes close to us. We wait for his intimacy, for he promised to return

FIRST READING The so-called “Third Isaiah” wrote to a nation in a spiritual funk. His words mixed lament with hope, faith with self-examination. Still, he sought the Lord to come and come soon.

PSALM Psalm 80 was a song of desperation, but not despair. The author called out to God for salvation, yet admitted sin. It praised God for his power and hoped for his return.

SECOND READING We await the Lord to come in glory. After two millennia, that spirit of anticipation has dulled. But, as we read St. Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians, we realize that the Spirit has enriched us with the same gifts he gave early Christians. Our faith confirms that enrichment. Both faith and the gifts of the Spirit will sustain us in this life and the next as we wait for the Lord to return.

GOSPEL Jesus commands his followers to stay awake. We do not know the right time or conditions for the Lord’s return, but we should remain vigilante, just like night watchman waits for the dawn.

CHILDREN’S READINGS In the story for the first reading, Robert tested his teacher, Mr. Hall. Mr Hall, however, was patient and waited for his obstinate student to cooperate, even succeed. God waits for us when we test him. In the story for the gospel, Jill was excited about sleep over at Laura’ house. That excitement was compounded by a challenge from Jill’s mom. Stay awake for a big prize. Would she stay awake? Will we remain alert for the coming of the Lord?

CATECHISM LINK In this week’s Catechism Link, we discuss the Liturgical Year, especially Advent which begins the Church year.

FAMILY ACTIVITY Advent is a time to prepare for Christmas. Gather your family together so you can prepare for the holidays as a family. And take time to be together as a family.