18th Sunday in Ordinary Time - A  - August 3, 2014


This Week's Blog:

When do we appreciate abundance?  Is it in hindsight when we have a lack?  Or is it in a moment of gratitude, when we give thanks to God for an unexpected gift?  Let us pray for the latter experience. 


WEEKLY BLOG LINK How does the Eucharist change our outlook on the world?

MP3 PODCAST  In this week's audio podcast, we consider our need to expect an invitation to the Kingdom.

FIRST READING  Second Isaiah answered a question of the forlorn exiles in Babylon. Where could they find heaven  on earth?  Where was God's banquet?  The  prophet pointed to home, to Jerusalem.

PSALM  Psalm 145 was a hymn of praise where style trumped substance.  Yet, the focus was on worship.

SECOND READING  In his letter to the Romans, St. Paul asked a question:  who can get in the way of  Christ's love for us?  Of course that was a rhetorical question. Through his love, we have direct access to the Father.

GOSPEL  In Matthew 14, Jesus fed the multitude with fish and bread.  This miracle foreshadowed the bread of the Kingdom and the promise of eternal life.

CHILDREN'S READING  In the story for the first reading, Sammy got a secret invitation to a big party, just like God invited his people to a big party in their honor.  In the story for the gospel, Sasha packed a picnic only to share that food with a hungry woman and her child.  We, too, share the little we have with each other, just like the fish and bread Jesus was given.  But it was enough.  It was enough to feed 5000.

FAMILY ACTIVITY  This week, plan a simple meal that will help your family members see beyond selfishness to real need.