18th Sunday in Ordinary Time – B – August 2, 2015

I AM the Living Bread

That statement was controversial in the time of Jesus and it should be controversial today. This statement demands trust in the speaker. For, only the speaker, Jesus can fulfill our needs now, and give us eternal life.


WEEKLY BLOG We continue with our investigation of Roman-Hellenism.

MP3 PODCAST In this week’s audio podcast, we investigate the question of treasure. Treasure is what we seek, riches we hope to find. Of course, Jesus is the answer to our quest. He is our true treasure.

FIRST READING Exodus 6 presents us with the manna narrative. To answer the people’s grumbling, YHWH gave them manna, bread from heaven. This bread would satisfy their daily needs.

PSALM Psalm 78 wove the notions of blessing and tradition. What we have received we pass along to the next generation. God blesses us. We are to give that blessing to our children.

SECOND READING In the reading from Ephesians, the author (Paul?) impressed the message of change upon the new Christians. Becoming a member of the community meant living on a higher level: morally, socially, religiously. They (and we) are to live as Christ did.

GOSPEL John 6 shows the only way to true happiness and life. Jesus is the One who feeds us with his life. He is the Bread of Life!

CHILDREN’S READING In the story for the first reading, a scoutmaster responded to the complaints of his troop. Their work was much greater than the inconvenience of the day’s heat. So was God’s gift of manna in the desert. In the story for the gospel, Joey earned money to buy raffle tickets. He wanted the prize. When his sister won the raffle, he stomped off in anger. He believed he could earn the prize, just like the audience of Jesus. They thought they earned God’s gifts. They forgot the gifts God gave were freely given.

FAMILY ACTIVITY John 6 presented the challenge of faith. Jesus told his audience to trust him. To explore this theme, created a “Trust Me” game.

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