Twenty Second Sunday in Ordinary Time - C - August 28, 2016

Party Etiquette for the Kingdom?

How would Jesus throw a party? How would Jesus act as a guest? Shouldn't we act in the same way?

Sunday Studies:

FIRST READING Sirach offered a piece of good advice, be humble. Humility, not pride, was the key to a full life.

PSALM Psalm 68 proclaimed the victory of the people, an event that God gave his people.

SECOND READING The author of Hebrews saw life in the community as an experience with the Risen Christ. They joined with the Savior in heavenly worship of the Father.

GOSPEL In Luke 14, Jesus gave banquet advice to host and guest alike. Be humble; feast as if you arrived in the Kingdom.

Other Resources:

DAILY READINGS for the Twenty First Week in Ordinary Time.


CHILDREN'S READINGS In the story for the first reading, Jack saw through the bully Billy and treated him with respect. That day, they became friends, in a way the author Sirach advised. In the story for the gospel, three girls attended parties for different reasons, to be the most popular, to get a boy friend or to receive presents for her birthday. Jesus does want us to attend parties for the things we get but for what we can give others.

FAMILY ACTIVITY To stress the teaching of Jesus on party etiquette, throw a “Kingdom Party” for your family, a celebration that teaches humility and charity.