Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time - A - July 30, 2017

Wisdom and Risk

Is an act worth the risk?

Every action has a consequence and consequences can help define the morality of the act. In many ways, wisdom is the ability to see the consequences of an act clearly., even if the act has mixed results. If the immediate results are negative, the act might seem foolish to some. But, if the consequence of the act is entry into the Kingdom of God, isn't it worth looking like a fool to obtain it? Isn't the Kingdom worth the risk?

Sunday Studies:

FIRST READING In the reading from 1 Kings, Solomon prayed for wisdom, over long life, power, or wealth. In this reading, Solomon recognized two things: 1) wisdom ultimately comes from God and, 2) with wisdom, all other blessings will flow.

PSALM As the longest psalm in the Bible, Psalm 119 praised God for his Law. A closer look at the hymn's contents equates the Law with God's will. So the singer wanted to go beyond the edicts of the Torah, to its heart. He sought God's will.

SECOND READING What happens when life gets us so down that we can't see beyond our pain, much less God's will? St. Paul wrote the Church in Rome with an answer to that question. Everything works to the good for those who love God, for God has a specific place for these people in his will.

GOSPEL In Matthew's gospel, Jesus gave his followers three parables about the Kingdom and the sacrifice necessary to obtain the Kingdom. The Kingdom was a treasure and a pearl so high in value, it was worth everything to obtain it. Those who valued the Kingdom most of all would be judged worthy of God's reign.

Other Resources:

DAILY READINGS Readings for the Fifteenth Week in Ordinary Time

CHILDREN'S READINGS The story for the first reading elaborated on Solomon and the responsibility being king brought him. In the story for the gospel, Sally chided Jake for taking risks, but Jake shot back that everything in life has a risk value. Is the risk worth it?

FAMILY ACTIVITY Introduce the virtue of wisdom with your family members through a discuss of playground rules. Safety comes first with play. Wisdom tells us whether an activity is safe or not.