Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time - C - July 31, 2016


A young man wanted a ruling from Jesus about his inheritance. The Lord rejected the role of the scribe; instead, he took the opportunity to preach about the Kingdom and the obstacles to God's reign, like the desire for wealth.

Sunday Studies:

FIRST READING The author of Ecclesiastes viewed life as vanity, if one reduced is sight simply to the self.

PSALM Psalm 90 challenged the reader to look beyond self pity to what God has to offer.

SECOND READING The author of Colassians divided Christian life into the embrace of the community and the cold arena of the “world.” While the believer lived in both regions, he was to choose values of heaven.

GOSPEL In Luke 12, a young man confronted Jesus with a question of inheritance rights. Jesus shot back with a parable about the greedy rich man and the need to store up treasure in heaven.

Other Resources:

DAILY READINGS for the Seventeenth Week in Ordinary Time.


CHILDREN'S READING In the story for the first reading, Jamie was infected with the “Useless” disease, an spiritual inflection of self doubt. She needed to fight back. In the story for the gospel, the opposite twins, Brandon and Allison, hated each other until, one day, they were forced to play with each other. That day they learned the value of spending time together and respecting each other, the same way God wants us to respect him and spend time with him.

FAMILY ACTIVITY To impress your family members with the importance of relationships (especially with God), play the “Strings Attached” game.