Jesus: Teacher and Miracle Worker

Signs of the Kingdom

Jesus performed his very first sign at the wedding in Cana, where he turned water into wine. There, he revealed who he really was, and his followers placed their trust in him.

Based on John 2:12

Actions may speak louder than words, but sometimes words are needed to explain actions. Jesus was no different. He came as the Messiah, to reveal God to people. His actions and words pointed to his mission: show everyone God's Kingdom.

When Jesus changed water into wine at the wedding in Cana, he showed his followers a sign of the Kingdom. At the time of Jesus, people thought God's Kingdom would be like an endless feast, full of song and food and drink. When the wine ran out at the wedding, the people in charge thought the feast was over. Then Jesus stepped in and the party continued. His followers saw the joy of God's Kingdom, and who brought that joy.

Jesus continued to teach and show others about God and his Kingdom. He taught them with wise sayings, prayers, and stories (called "parables"). He showed others with miracles that amazed.

Invitation to the Kingdom

Jesus taught his followers:

Look for God's Kingdom. Find out what he wants you to do. Make these the most important things you do. God will take care of everything else.

Based on Matthew 6:33

Where is God's Kingdom? The Kingdom is not a nation, found on a map. The Kingdom exists where God is present to people. People find the Kingdom when they realize God is there.

Jesus invites everyone to enter the Kingdom, but not everyone says "Yes" to his invitation. To enter God's Kingdom is to do what he wants. This is hard for the proud and the selfish. Many times, the poor and humble, the sick and the sinner accept Jesus' request, because they know they can rely on God. They open their eyes and their hearts to what God is doing. And they try to do what God wants them to do.

Jesus, Son of God

People saw how Jesus threw the demon out of the man. Everyone was so amazed they began to tell each other, "What is this? A powerful, new teaching. Jesus commands the demons and even they obey him!" The reputation of Jesus immediately spread throughout Galilee.

Based on Mark 1:28

Yes, the teaching of Jesus had power. His words and actions were so close, they were as one. His actions backed up his words. And his words explained his actions. Both pointed to the Kingdom of God. They explained who God really was and who Jesus really was. God was loving and full of compassion, ready to forgive. The power of that love and compassion and forgiveness could be found in Jesus. In this way, Jesus showed his followers he was more than a prophet, a teacher, or a healer. He was the Son of God!