Family Activity

Countdown to Pentecost

Jesus told his followers they were witnesses to great events. They saw him die. And they saw him risen to new life.

They would also see the Good News spread throughout the world. Words of change and forgiveness to all people.

There was a difference between the two set of events. The death and resurrection were out of the followers' hands. That was God's work. But spreading the Good News was in their hands. They could participate in God's will. With the power of the Spirit, they could tell others about God's love.

Jesus calls us to be witnesses of the Good News, just like the followers. We are to spread God's love. Sometimes in word. Sometimes in action. To help your family reflect on their commission as Christians, create a week (or 10 day calendar) that counts down the time from Ascension (Sunday or Thursday) and Pentecost. Each day, have your family members record things they have said or done to spread God's love. This is a great way to prepare for the celebration of the Spirit, God's presence that gives us the power to share his love.