Family Activity

Family Balloon Race

Jesus breathed on his followers to give them the Spirit. Connect the notion of breathe, wind, and the Spirit with a balloon race. Mark out a short race course with tape, Then, pass out balloons to all of your family members. On the count of three, your family members must blow up their balloons, tie the balloon ends, get on their hands and knees, place the balloon on the start line, and blow their balloons toward the finish line. No one can use any part of their body to move the balloon; they can only use their breathe. (Hint. If you have small children, pair up an adult and a small child into a team. The adult can blow up the balloons, while the small child can race the balloon.)

After the race, read John 20:19-23. Stress John 20:23 when Jesus breathed the Holy Spirit upon his followers. Connect breathe with life. (One needs breathe to live.) Tell your family members that the Spirit was the life of Jesus. And his life lives in us now. End the game with a prayer to the Holy Spirit.