Family Activity

Anxiety Over Christmas

Jesus is coming. But when? Just like a young child's anxiety over Christmas, many people fret over the Second Coming. Most, however are so immune they ignore it altogether. As Christians, Jesus calls us to take a middle ground. Yes, we are to wait for him. But with patience. Yes, he will come in the most unexpected way and time. But that does not mean we should lose sleep over his coming.

Christmas season is upon us. Since the season is in its early stages, the attitude of patient waiting is appropriate. To encourage such an attitude, play the "St. Nicholas Waiting Game." Buy inexpensive gifts or treats and wrap them in holiday paper. Announce that your family will open a few presents early this year but the time will be a surprise. Explain that your family members will have to wait for the unknown time. On Dec. 6, St. Nicholas Day, surprise your family with the gifts or treats. Use the opening as a way to discuss patient waiting. And the next time a family member becomes too anxious for Christmas, remind him or her of waiting for "St. Nicholas Day."