Family Activity

Family Rules

Today's gospel addresses the rules and regulations of the early church. What happened when one believer hurts another? This is the same question we ask about any small community, including a family.

Your family may already have a list of rules and consequences. Or, your family may need to develop a list. This Sunday's gospel gives us a good opportunity to review or develop family rules with rewards (for keeping the rules) and consequences (for breaking the rules).

A few things to keep in mind.

1) Have your family develop the rules together. The rules should respect the individual members as people. They should also respect the authority given to parents. Try to list fair rules that keep peace and order in the family.

2) The rewards for keeping the rules and consequences for breaking the rules should also show respect, yet be realistic. Rewards should stress the quality of work, not just the quantity. (Have you ever had a child do a job part of the way, only to demand a reward when he or she thought the job was done?)