Family Activity

Arms Folded, Arms Out!

After last week's lesson on rules, Jesus spoke about forgiveness. How long does it take to forgive someone? How many times does someone have to say "I'm sorry"? Today's gospel stresses forgiveness as a lifestyle, not as a social necessity. As God forgives us, we are to forgive each other.

To make the point play "Arms folded, arms out" with your family. Have your family stand in a line. As the first person, introduce a short roll play where you will be mad. Fold your arms, frown, and turn your back on everyone. Tell everyone else to do the same. Discuss what happened. Now hug the person next to you and have that person hug next to him or her. Continue until everyone has been hugged. Discuss the hug and compare it with the arms folded exercise. Finally, read Matthew 18:21-35. Thank God for his love and ask him for the power to share it with others.