Family Activities

"Turn-Around" Game

Jesus proclaimed "Repent! The kingdom of heaven is near!" The word "repent" in Hebrew is "shuv" which literally means "to stop walking away, turn around (180 degrees turn), and walk back home."

Play the following game with your family to stress walking back. With a long piece twine or yarn, tie one end around the waist of a family member. Have them walk away from you. When they just around get to the end of the twine or yard, give them a gentle tug to turn around and walk back to you. (With two or more pieces of twine or yarn tied around family members, you could have a race.) Read Matthew 4:17 and ask your family: What could the twine or yearn represent? (God's Spirit or his call) How hard is it for some people to return home, to come back to God? End with a prayer to thank God for his call and his home.