Family Activity

The Judge

Who sets the rules in your house? Who enforces the rules? The role of the parent in the family is multi-faceted, but a primary purpose for the parent is the enforcer. He or she sets the tone for civility and harmony by being rule maker and rule arbitrator. While younger children might not have the mental capacity to think beyond the authority of the parent, they need to see that even the parent has rules to life by and a higher authority to address. For the Christian parent, he or she is accountable to God and is subject to God's rules. When a parent not only emphasizes that reality, but acts upon it, he or she evangelizes the family.

Who is the judge in your home? Gather your family together and share Matthew 5:17. Pray that you can act as Jesus did, so he becomes the true judge at home. Ask your family members to pray for you as a parent. God only knows we need all the help we can get.