Family Activity

Selfishness Game

Jesus was busy healing people and preaching the Good News. Many people today lead busy life styles. There is nothing wrong with a busy life. In the light of the gospel we must ask a question. Is our busy life self-centered or other-centered?

The following game can help explain the difference between selfishness and self-giving to your family. Set up a number of items on a table (it doesn't matter what the items are). Choose someone to be "It," set that person off to the side, and occupy him or her with a task alone. (The task doesn't matter, even running in place would be acceptable.) Now line up the other family members and pass the items on the table from one member to another. Rotate "It" among several family members as you replay the game. At the end of the game ask your family the difference between cooperation and doing something alone? How did it feel to do something with and for others? How did it feel to do it alone? Read Mark 1:29-39. Discuss how Jesus focused his busy life on others. In the end, thank Jesus for serving others and serving your family.