Family Activity

Sacrifice Poster

To get something you want, sometimes you have to give up something else. In this Sunday's gospel, Jesus spoke of giving up daily life to gain eternal life. One the hardest things to learn growing up is the notion of sacrifice.

Many times, parents plan events or privileges as a rewards for hard work. This is a way children learn about sacrifice. So, plan a family outing this Sunday, but tie in the notion of sacrifice with family chores. You could even list chores on a poster, like stones in a road that lead to the family event (the event could be in the form of a castle). Cross off the chores as you reach closer to the outing. When your family members have done all their chores, share John 12:20-33 with them. Point out the notion of sacrifice. And remind them Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice for us, so we could enjoy the ultimate reward: heaven. Finally, go on your outing and have fun!