Family Activity

Scripture Role Play

Four men were so desperate to get their paralyzed friend cured, they even tore the roof off, so they could lower their friend before Jesus. Jesus used the dramatic scene to teach others about his power. He could forgive offenses against God. To prove his power, he cured the men's friend. Jesus' audience made the connection. If he could cure illness with God's power, he could forgive sin with God's power. The moral was clear. Forgiveness and health go hand in hand. And God gives both.

We can show assistance to health and forgiveness through gestures as simple as a hand grasp and hug. As you read the gospel, role-play the characters. Have family members play the people who carry the paralyzed man to Jesus. Have someone play Jesus and another play the paralyzed man. When the reading comes to the words "Stand up! Pick up your stretcher and walk," have the person role-playing Jesus grasp the person playing the paralyzed man by the hand, pull him or her up, and hug him or her. Stress God constantly gives us health (like the hand grasp) and forgiveness (like the hug). We should do the same.