Family Activity

"Hurry Up and Wait" Game

The gospel reading may speak of readiness, but it implies a secondary virtue: patience. In our American culture of instant gratification, we find the marriage of readiness and patience difficult to endure. Readiness means "hurry up." But patience means "wait." Putting the two together can be maddening.

Yet, maturity teaches us patient readiness ensures sure progress and a balanced spirit. To pass this insight along to other family members, play the "Hurry Up and Wait" game. Set up an obstacle course in your house or yard. Make sure the obstacles are challenging, yet "do-able." Next, gather your family members together for the game. Have a family member complete the first obstacle, then have him or her wait for an amount of time that might be frustrating. Next, have him or her complete the next obstacle, then wait. After several rounds, ask how the participants felt about the game. If they were frustrated, ask them if they have ever experienced "hurry up and wait." What attitude would help them overcome the frustration? Finally, read Luke 12:35-40. Is this the attitude Jesus wanted his followers to have? Why or why not? Finish with a prayer for a balance between readiness and patience.