Family Activity

"Privilege" Game

When the stranger in the crowd asked Jesus if the saved were few, he really asked about privilege. Will God save me just because I belong to a people or community? Jesus responded there was more to salvation than just being in the right club.

Privilege can be a spiritual disease. Just because I'm tall or pretty, belong to the right group or live in the right community, have money or power, does it really mean I get special treatment? Or is everyone really equal? To make the point, play the "Privilege" game. Gather your family members together and tell them the person(s) with a certain birthday will get special treatment. The other will be ignored. After a short time, reverse the situation with a new birthday (and person) or with some different criteria for privilege. Play a few rounds, then discuss how the family members felt with privilege and without. Then share Luke 13:22-30. Emphasize 13:29-30. God will choose who will have the privilege to sit in his Kingdom, not us. Before God, we are all equal. None has advantage over others.