Family Activity

"The Poor Among Us" Box

This Sunday's Gospel gives us a glimpse into the afterlife. The rich man suffered in hell while Lazarus enjoyed heaven. A closer reading of Luke reveals part of the suffering the rich man endured was self induced. His selfishness was so ingrained, he looked down on Lazarus, EVEN AFTER HE DIED. The rich only cared for his own, not for the poor who lived outside his very door.

The Gospel challenges us to care for the poor, especially those in our own community. Such care requires awareness and action. We must realize we are like the poor before us. They deserve dignity and a sense of self worth. Only then, can we truly act.

Raise the awareness of the poor in your family with a "The Poor Among Us" box. Instead of collecting money, have your family members think of the needy they've seen in the past weeks or months. Have them write the names or descriptions of the people on pieces of paper. Do this several times during the next week. At the end of the week, share the names or descriptions with your family. Pray for these people. Then you will have an idea how to act.