Family Activity

Rebuild Bridges

John the Baptist preached fairness, even to those people considered sinners. Luke mentioned two groups that used legal bullying to extort money from the populace: tax collectors and soldiers. Any money a tax collector was paid over his quota was personal gain. Low paid soldiers stole, cheated, and extorted money from the local peoples to supplement their income. In both cases, John did not condemn their work, but forbad activities that abused others.

God calls all of us who sin to change and renew relationships, just as John preached to the sinners in his audience. We may have hurt others, or they may have hurt us. This special season of healing can be the time to rebuild bridges. Consider sending a holiday card and a personal note to those against whom we have built walls. Make card sending a family affair. Pray over the cards as a family. And send them out as a family.