Family Activity

"Happy-Mad Faces" Game

This gospel reading falls on the heels of last week's. Jesus told the synagogue audience a prophecy in Isaiah was fulfilled. Now the audience reacted. Who was this traveling preacher? Wasn't he the son of a carpenter? (This was a "put down" since carpenters were really semi-skilled day laborers.) The skepticism grew to the point the audience grew into an angry mob ready to kill Jesus.

Luke's gospel points out an obvious fact: some will believe, others will not. Those who believe will be happy. Those who do not will be angry. Emphasize this point with the "Happy-Mad Face" game. Draw happy and mad faces on paper plates. Read Luke 4:15-30. As you read have your family hold up the happy face when Jesus talks. Have them hold up a mad face when the crowd reacts to his words. At the end of the reading, ask your family if they want to throw away the happy face of Jesus, like the crowd did when they tried to kill him. Or, would they like to throw away the mad face of the crowd? (Throw away the plates with the mad faces and hold up the happy faces.) End the game with prayer where your family accepts Jesus and his word.