Children's Readings


Opening Question: Have you ever felt welcome at someone's house? What made you feel at home?

First Reading: Genesis 18:1-10a

After a long car ride, Chris was excited to visit her best friend Crystal. Chris remembered all the fun she had with Crystal and her family. Crystal was like a sister and her house was like a second home.

When Chris arrived, she was not disappointed. Everything was ready. Chris had her own bed in Crystal's room. There was a TV and DVD in their bedroom with plenty of her favorite videos. On the refrigerator was a list of Chris' favorite activities and some new adventures. Crystal offered to share her best books and CD's. The more she found out, the more excited Chris became. This was going to be the best visit ever!

At dinner the first night of her visit, Chris could not contain herself. "I'm so happy to be here! Crystal, your parent's are the best! Your parents have done a lot to prepare for my trip. Why do they treat me so nicely?"

"Because you add so much fun and good times to our family," Crystal said.

Did you know that you bring something with you to a friend's house every time you visit them? When you go over to play with a friend, you bring the promise of friendship and good times. It's like your trading fun with your friend.

In today's story, Abraham prepared a meal for three strangers. By helping them, Abraham hoped for they would bring friendship. But, the three men brought something much greater than that. They brought a promise, a pledge that Abraham would have a son even when he was older than many grandfathers. What Abraham didn't realize that he was talking to God!

God was Abraham's friend. He is our friend when we take the time to welcome him, when we share our needs and desires with him.

Bridging Question: Have you ever been so anxious you wanted to do something "right now?" What happened?

Gospel: Luke 10:38-42

Reader 1:

As they made their way to Jerusalem, Jesus entered a village. There, a woman named Martha welcomed him into her home. Martha had a sister named Mary who sat by Jesus and listened to him teach. But, as she tried to serve everyone, Martha dragged herself from here to there. So, she came up to Jesus and asked, "Lord, doesn't it bother you that my sister left me alone to serve all these people? Tell her to help me!"

Reader 2:

"Martha, Martha," Jesus sighed. "You're worried about too many things. You only need one thing--faith! Mary has chosen that good thing. And it will not be taken from her."

It was Bobbie's birthday. His parents took a long time preparing for the day. The decoration were up, the ice cream cake was in the freezer, the toys were out, the DVD was ready with Bobbie's favorite movies, the Sony Play Station had new games. The day was here and Bobbie was ready to go!

Before long, Bobbie's friends arrived and were having great fun. But Bobbie was anxious and finally he couldn't stand it any longer. He went up to his mom, interrupted her conversation, and demanded out loud, "When do I get my presents!"

"Bobbie, relax," his mom said calmly. "Go have some fun with your friends. Presents are important, but time with your friends is more important."

Like Martha in the Gospel, Bobbie was rude. He wanted to do something "Now!" and it didn't matter who he said it to. But because he was so anxious, he forgot what spending time with his friends was more important.

God is our friend. And we need to spend time with him, to talk with him and to listen to him. Take the time at home with your family to talk and listen to God. Take time by yourself to talk and listen to Jesus.

Closing Question: How can you spend more time with Jesus and his friends?